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Sydney, Au

Yo dudes! Thanks for stopping by!


My names Rob, i play double bass, shoot in RAW and get amongst them moto feelz from time to time. 

Since being on Instagram for the past year i've been hit up a numerous amount of times for information on the bikes i shoot. Be it parts, inspiration, brands etc - the questions are endless which i'm totally cool with, hence why we're here.

I thought i'd make life a lil more simple and informative for you guys and decided to build this here website which expands not only on the builds and what parts were used but also the apparel and accessories worn and used in the images.

To all my loyal @moto_feelz followers -  THANK YOU for your endless support - i hope to bring you fresh content on a regular basis and keep you informed on all the happenings.. And to the newcomers - welcome to Moto Feelz! I'm so glad to have you all along for the ride.

I'd like to hear from you! Thoughts, comments, likes/ dislikes - i want to hear it all.


Oh! And if you'd like to collab, chances are i'd like to as well. Don't be shy! HMU!

Talk soon legends


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